Top 3 Antique Persian Rugs Presented By Arian Rugs


Top 3 Antique Persian Rugs Presented By Arian Rugs

Extraordinary and authentic-KASHMAR Rugs

Kashmar Rugs are poetic with strong Will of their own. Wanting to bring that into your space? Consider looking at some vintage and pearl wool Kashmar rug in our collection. So, in today’s blog, we will tell you more about this rug and will explain how they are made and what makes them so special.
Kashmar rugs are known for their vast size, intricate patterns, and warm, earthy hues. The rug’s patterns resemble a scroll depicting history of vibrant Persia landscapes from the 1500s. Nature is regarded in high regard, and as a result, it appears most frequently in the iconography. Beautiful threads create a lovely statement in every part of the house. Kashmar carpets come in a range of styles and colors to brighten up your space.Persian Rugs
Kashmar rugs are among of the toughest and most long-lasting worldwide. Each rug is handled with care and is born with a one-of-a-kind personality. For any space in your home, capture the beauty of one of these carpets. Color, design, and texture combine to create a valued home centerpiece. These carpets have an extremely soft and silky texture, which contrasts with their strong construction. Wool pile is used in almost every rug. Silk is another material that is occasionally utilised to act as the rug’s basis, giving it a sleek and shiny appearance. Having one of these rugs in your home is not only a source of beautification, but also a portal into the past. They’ll look wonderful on the floor of your living room and amaze you with their fascinating history.
Are you convinced that Kashmar rugs may revitalise your home? We’re sure you are! They are ideal for softening the harshness of your home’s more squarish furnishings and angles. So, give them a try, buy online on discounted price and see what happens. Visit our website to find the best collection of rugs.

Buy Bokhara Rugs Online

Everything you want to buy needs research. This becomes difficult when there are a thousand of options. Area rugs are one of these decisions you make in your daily life. When buying carpets, take in mind what you are looking for as well as where they will go. Bokhara carpets are a new trend that has taken up a place in market. The exquisite designs and features of these rugs are well-known. These rugs are classified into different categories based on their imprinting. This article will explain all you need to know about the Bokhara rug you’re purchasing. Let’s take a look at the history of these rugs first.

The History of the Bokhara Rug

These rugs were originally known as “Tekke,” after the Central Asian tribe of the same name. These Bokhara rugs were used in magnificent empires, famous temples, and a variety of other traditional structures during the time. These rugs are just breathtaking their beauty is enhanced by their vibrant, traditional red colours and intricate oval or diamond-shaped motif designs.Antique Bokhara Rugs

How To Tell If the Bokhara Rug Is Authentic?

Check the label of a Bokhara rugs carefully to determine its authenticity. The word “handwoven” or “handmade” on the label indicates that the rug is genuine. However, if the handcrafted attribute is not mentioned on the label, it is most likely machine-made.
Our Bokhara rugs are on online sale with a very fine quality of handmade wool rugs. If you’re looking for buying a Bokhara handmade rug online, make sure it’s genuine and handcrafted by professional weavers from Turkey, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, or Pakistan.

Kilim Rugs Beauty

You may have heard of kilim rugs, but let’s take a closer look at kilims. If you’ve been looking for more information on some of the best rugs, you could come across Kilim rugs in your search. They are one of the most popular area rugs available for purchase online. These area rugs can also be made in a variety of motifs to match your home’s décor. Kilim rugs should be your first pick if you’re seeking for the top 10 rugs to boost the look of your home’s interior decor. Shop Arian Rugs for all the best Kilim Rugs and enjoy Free Shipping on rugs.

Anatomy of Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs is a handwoven pileless rug with generally a flat weaving look. These rugs are less costly and more easily available because of their technical simplicity. They were weaved and worn mostly by nomads in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. They’re one of the most long-lasting and high-quality rugs available online.

Shop Kilim area rugs online

Whether you put your kilim rug on the floor or hang it on the wall, it embodies the beauty and romance of its history, as well as the artistry and storytelling of its creator. Kilim area rugs may be purchased online from a variety of sources, but Arain Rugs is the ideal place to go if you want high-quality and affordable kilim rugs with free shipping. Arian Rugs offers a wide range of kilim rugs and Persian Rugs in various styles and sizes, all of which are handmade and hand-knotted for your convenience.

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