Have you ever been to a house where there was a thick Oriental rug or carpet? Isn't it giving you comfort and warmth?
If that's the case, you should invest in a Bokhara carpet. Thick pile rugs are velvety, long-lasting, and warm in the winter months.
So, if you come across a Handmade Bokhara rug on sale, don't miss the chance.Antique Bokhara Rugs

Advantages of Bokhara Rugs

Handmade rugs offer many advantages, but thick pile rugs are in high demand, such as Runner rugs or Kilim Rugs, are unique as they are thick pile rugs.
Here are 3 reasons to buy a Bokhara rug on sale

1.Fine Bokhara rug adds comfort to floors.

Do you have a hard wood or tile floor that makes you feel uncomfortable when walking in socks? If so, the high pile rug gives you a soft and comfortable surface for walking barefoot.Handmade Bokhara Rugs

2.Bokhara Carpets are stain-resistant.

Unlike many thin rugs, a thick Bokhara rug is resistant to stains. If you spill juice or any other liquid on your rug, you will have more time to clean it before it stains.

3.Antique Bokhara Rugs Colors Aren't Wearing Off.

Natural coloring is used to dye hand knotted Bokhara rugs, giving them a distinct color. As a result, the colors do not fade easily.

What are the chances of becoming infected by Covid-19 through Bokhara carpets?

Because we know every detail about the carpet, Arian Rugs make sure it's not infected by virus takes by taking all essential precautions against the coronavirus, such as using gloves, masks, and antiseptics, among other things.
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