Hand knotted Silk Rugs has been a centuries-old tradition that continues to attract rug collectors today.
The most popular of all is the Qum silk Persian rug. It's one of the most precious handmade oriental rug and you can find it on Persian Rugs Toronto.
This blog will give you enough information on the most prominent features of Qum carpets.

What is the Weaving Technique of Persian Qum Rugs?

One of its distinguishing features is the manufacture of these rugs. The intricate and detailed appearance of Qum patterns is due to the fine weaving method used by the weavers.Qum Silk Rugs

Design of Antique Qum Rugs?

The Tree of Life, pictorial and hunting scenes, and floral featuring botanical figures such as leaves, flowers, and vines often consist of intricate concentric designs that can be visually seen on Qum Persian carpets.

What Material is Used for Qum Rugs?

Qum rugs are made from fine materials including wool and silk. This makes the rug soft and elegant to touch. Fake Qum rugs can be made out of a variety of materials, but the original ones are made of:
• Wool
• Silk
They rugs are typically woven with jewel-toned colors such as red, blue, and ivory, but the designs vary to give the rug a particular aesthetic.Qum Persian Rugs


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