Tips for maintaining clean and order-free rugs

Rugs are one of those items that, if properly cared for, may last for a lifetime. Arian Rugs always keeps in mind to facilitate their customers. The good news is that it's incredibly simple to accomplish it by following a few basic steps:

  • 1. Avoid walking with shoes on carpets, prevention is always preferable.
  • 2. Brush your carpets frequently to keep the fibers separated this will help to avoid dirt and dust from settling in.
  • 3. Vacuum your carpets twice a week, and if you have pets, vacuum on daily basis.
  • 4. If odor remains, use natural remedies such as baking soda. Spread it evenly all over, leave it to absorb the odor overnight, and vacuum it thoroughly.
  • 5. Proper ventilation is also beneficial in preventing odor build-up.
  • 6. In the case of significant stains or wear and tear, always leave your carpet to professionals.


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