Rugs are essential when it comes to home design because they serve as the defining foundation of most rooms. We enjoy the depth and intrigue that a rug can offer to a space, and we are particularly fond of old rugs.
In this blog we'll go over all the reasons why you should use Vintage overdyed rugs throughout your house.Vintage Persian Rugs

Vintage Overdyed Silk Rugs Stand the Test of Time

They are known for being extremely long-lasting. The rug's fibers have survived for hundreds of years and can handle being in high traffic areas, depending on the rug. They are often quite timeless, as these designs and colors have stood the test of time.

Overdyed Persian Rug Require Little Maintenance

Vintage rugs are low-maintenance because they don't shed, don't fade, and are relatively easy to clean. High-quality rugs are not inexpensive, but if you have patience and know where to look, you may find fantastic prices on vintage Persian rugs and save a lot of money when compared to a new wool, hand-knotted rug.Antique Vintage Rugs

Where can you buy Overdyed rugs?

Arian Rugs have beautiful collection of overdyed rugs to choose from. Below are a few of them you can shop at Persian Rugs Toronto. Don't forget to take advantage of the exclusive discount for our readers.

Wondering If Your Over-dyed Oriental Carpets are Covid Free?

The good news is that bacteria and infectious germs have a shorter lifespan on rugs. Silk rugs are by far the most expensive type of hand-knotted rug available. If you've purchased one, you're probably wondering how to maintain it fresh and clean for years. All your silk rug needs are a little extra care, regular cleaning, and less foot traffic to stay in good shape. Aside from that, if your rug isn't too large, it's also a good idea to shake it.

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