Professional Rug Cleaning

The older a Persian rug, the more valuable it becomes! A true authentic Persian rug can last from anywhere between 20 to 200 years. Overtime, these area rugs become essential part of your family and living spaces, and just like any other family member they require tremendous caring. If you own a Persian rug then probably you have made huge investment both in terms of money and time and thus it is essential that you do not downplay the importance of cleaning and looking after your rug. Our experienced team at Arian Rugs has been providing professional rug cleaning & repair services for our valued clients for more than 30 years now. We have created the following guide explaining some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to rug cleaning and how our team of expert craftsmen take care of your rug once it arrives at our facility.

How often should I clean my Persian Rug?

This is the most asked question from our experts. Persian rug owners are never sure if their hand knotted rug is ready for a professional cleaning. The key here is to find that middle ground where you do not let your rug get too dirty before you send it for cleaning. Hand-knotted rugs do a brilliant job when it comes to hiding dirt and soil. Now for your living space aesthetics this is of course a great news however all that hidden dirt, soil & pollutants are slowly ruining and destroying your rug.

The next obvious question is how to find that middle ground? How to know exactly how frequently should you send your rug for professional cleaning? These questions are directly related to stress level of your area rug.

Rug Stress – Rug stress simply iterates the amount of usage and foot traffic that your rug is put under. If your rug is in a dark room and is hardly walked on then you have the luxury of not cleaning it for several years. This is of course if you vacuum it regularly and there is no risk of an attack from moths. On the other hand, If you have kids and pets you really should have your rug cleaned at least once a year, and preferably twice a year. You may have to clean them even more often if your pet sleeps on the rugs. The greasy oils that are released from a pet will soak into natural rug fibres and attract soil very quickly. If your rug stress level is somewhere in between then the answer lies in a simple fact: how much do you love and value your Persian rug? If the answer is ‘Too Much’ then in order to increase lifetime of your rug you should probably get it cleaned once in 18 months. Other factors like if you wear shoes in your home, own a rug that is already quite worn, or if you have any unforeseen accidents such as spilling a drink will play their part accordingly.

Our Rug Cleaning Process


Pre-Inspection process starts at the time of rug being picked up by us or is delivered and dropped off at our showroom. At this stage we ensure that we do a comprehensive analysis of the rug and take pictures of the front and back of the rug to determine its condition. Every hand knotted rug is unique therefore it is important to make key notes at the time of inspection so that we could suggest the best possible way a rug can be preserved. On the other hand the pictures helps us differentiate between the condition before and after, thus satisfying the customer.


Once the rug has been booked for cleaning we bring it to our cleaning department where we start with the removal of dust and soil that has been deposited in the rug. Please note that it is important to remove dust from the carpet before washing so that the foundation of the rug can cleaned properly. Our company boasts with using high tech dusting machines and experienced staff ensuring guaranteed results.


Cleaning of the rug is divided into two segments at our workshop. During the first segment the carpet is fully soaked in the water and applied mild pH value shampoo. By fully soaking the rug in water it helps dirt and other contaminants being removed.

The second segment starts with using rug cleaning machines for the process of brushing, power rolling, rinsing and lastly spinning of the rug. Latest technology machines are used during this process to help with best results. Our team takes special care of this process in order to avoid any damage being done to the rug in terms of its color, foundation and even the fringes.


Lastly once the rug is washed and rinsed properly it comes to the drying section where it is left in a humidity controlled room that allows the moisture out of the rug. In case of a thick pile rug in order to avoid dye bleed and browning, air movers are also used.

After the rug has gone through all 4 processes it comes to the showroom for final inspection. Here our team of experts analyse the rug keeping in mind its condition when it was brought for cleaning. Once our team is satisfied, they take pictures of the rug and invite the client for pickup or schedule a delivery. Pictures of before and after are shown to the client for them to feel satisfied and hire our services again.

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