Bokhara Wool Rug 9’x12′

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Salor Bokhara carpets are usually a deep, rich shade of red with at least one row ofperfect octagons. They were originally produced by the exalted Salor tribe. There isgenerally another smaller octagon or diamond shape within each octagons border,and floral motifs are common on the inside sides. Although many other countriesmade Bokhara rugs, the most popular and luxurious ones are made in Pakistan.Today, however, Bokhara Organic rugs are also made in Afghanistan and Turkey.

Rug Description

Red Mori Bokhara Hand Knotted Rug Elephant Feet Design 10 x 8 Feet.

Hand Knotted, Handmade Mori Bokhara rug made from 100% Wool.

The colours used for the thread are made from natural dyes that are extracted fromvegetables.

PSI count of the rug is 110 x 75.

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